Outcast’s lockdown song

ENGLISH below the video
Outcast cover van “Omarm” van BLØF
Dit liedje hebben we nog niet samen gespeeld, maar wel allemaal apart @home opgenomen in de lente van 2020.
Toetsenist Erwin heeft de individuele partijen samengesmeed tot een prachtige mix en daarna nog gemastered ook.
Gitarist Patrick heeft de video gemaakt, van meer dan 150 Outcast foto’s van 1994 tot 2020.
Zie Outcast in de oefenruimte, on the road, thuis, op vakantie en live bij tuinfeesten, open lucht festivals, in kleine kroegen en op mega podia.

Deze video is opgedragen aan Michel’s 50ste verjaardag, een belangrijke reden om al deze prachtige herinneringen weer op te halen.

Ronald – Drums & different beards
André – Bass & neverending hair
Erwin – Keyboards & crazy faces
Robin – Vocals & vacation photos
Patrick – Guitar & hot legs

PAST MEMBERS featured in the video
Faake – Vocals & demolition
Daniëlle – Vocals & skirts
Michel – Keyboards, strange sounds, bass & backing vocals
John – Guitar, vocals & dirty jokes

SPECIAL GUESTS featured in the video
Kim – Guitar & lipstick
Bianca – Vocals & Hair shower for Robin
Nick – Vocals & give him a round of applause, because Nick came all the way from the USA to Holland to sing a few songs with us in a tiny bar

All past members of Outcast. Yes, there are even more 🙂
All our fans, friends & families.

Outcast cover of “Omarm” by BLØF
“Omarm” means “Embrace”
We haven’t played this song together yet, but we recorded it all separately @home in the spring of 2020.
Keyboardist Erwin has forged the individual parts into a beautiful mix and then also mastered.
Guitarist Patrick made the video, with over 150 Outcast photos from 1994 to 2020.
See Outcast in the rehearsal room, on the road, at home, on vacation and live at garden parties, open air festivals, in small pubs and on mega stages.

This video is dedicated to Michel’s 50th birthday, an important reason to recall all these wonderful memories.

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